Shock Absorbers

Ridepro Shock Absorbers

It can be really tough out there and that’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our Ridepro 4WD shock absorbers are ready to meet any challenge. Designed and developed in Australia for local conditions, Ridepro shocks are put through extremely rigorous function, performance, quality and durability tests.

In competition, Ridepro shocks have tackled some of the most feared and rugged 4 wheel drive courses in the country and overseas and have come through with flying colours.

In laboratories, they are put through a number of brutal, independent bench tests to prove their virtual indestructibility.

The result? Conclusive proof that Ridepro 4WD shock absorbers can take a massive pounding on or off the road and still bounce back for more.


It’s a feature that other shocks can’t match. The Ridepro Classic 60mm, twin tube Shock Absorber has a 40mm bore that holds up to 20% more oil, greatly reducing the risk of fade under harsh conditions.

High temperature oil, a super fine finish piston rod with a heavy duty iron piston, multi-stage valving, multi-lip and built in check seals, all combine to provide optimum ride and handling.

There’s also a range of smaller bodied shocks, designed specifically for 4WD’s with limited suspension space.


When you’re after a shock with that extra something, Ridepro Offroad Xtreme (ROX) is the one. ROX Shocks have that extra grunt for improved handling and control of heavier vehicles in really rugged terrain.

ROX Shocks have a 40mm piston bore for improved performance and twin tube design for protection from stone damage. ROX shocks also have a fully automatic velocity sensing valving to increase control when the terrain conditions change. Supplementary welds also improve the reliability and strength